“Working with Micheline has truly shifted my life 180° in the most positive direction. Over the course of our sessions I have learned so much about myself and the ability to control my stress and anxiety. Micheline is incredibly patient, knowledgeable and makes you feel safe. I honestly don’t think this type of success would have happened if I had worked with anyone else. I remember our very first session, right at the beginning we went over rating specific areas of my life. I was feeling drastically overwhelmed with every area of my life, and helpless that I wouldn’t be able to change. I’ll be the first to say I was skeptical at first that anything would come out of this but I had to make the choice to try. Gradually with each session I became stronger mentally and learned healthy ways to manage stress in all areas of my life. Thank you Micheline for everything you do!”  Rachel Q.

Owning two businesses and being a parent, wife, daughter and a slew of other roles that come with life, is a lot. When I started to work with Micheline, I was showing up every week overwhelmed. I quickly discovered that for much of my life I was operating with high-functioning overwhelm and anxiety. I hid it well. Micheline’s thoughtful, calm approach to coaching was a perfect match to help calm my overworked, overwhelmed mind & body!  Rachel K.

Working with Micheline was my first experience working with a life coach. I didn’t know what to expect going into it and was pleasantly surprised to see results even after just a few weeks of working together. As a coach, Micheline is very easy to work with; she’s pleasant, compassionate, uplifting and very knowledgeable in her craft. I enjoyed the structured sessions and the follow-up work, which is what I think contributed to me seeing results so quickly. I think that this type of work can be easily applied to so many different types of challenges someone may be experiencing in their life and I would highly recommend working with someone like Micheline if you’re ready to make some serious changes, get unstuck, or even motivated to do better no matter what your circumstances may be. Irina L.